My practice currently focuses on trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and non-ordinary states of consciousness including psychedelic integration.  I use EMDR, Art Therapy,  client-centered talk therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).  I am  also a certified yoga teacher and may incorporate mindfulness, breath, and body awareness into sessions when appropriate to facilitate relaxation and grounding.  I strive to create a trauma-informed, non-judgmental healing space for my clients.  I welcome people from diverse cultural backgrounds and lifestyles, and am LGBTQ affirming.  I am studying Hakomi (body centered psychotherapy) and working on incorporating a more somatic approach into sessions when it may be helpful.

Insurance and Fees

I am in-network with several insurance plans, including Pacific Source, Regence Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, and TriCare/ MHN.  I can bill as an out of network provider for several additional insurance companies if your plan allows it. My rate is $130 for a 55 minute session.  For questions about your copay and deductible, contact your insurance company directly.

Additional Info
Using insurance requires that I assign you a diagnosis. Some services may not be billable through insurance, including art therapy groups, psychedelic integration sessions, or sessions with clients who need support but who do not qualify for a mental health diagnosis. I also offer consultation and clinical supervision to therapists for an hourly fee of $100. I am an approved clinical supervisor through the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists (OBLPCT)

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