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Lesley Burke, LPC, ATR

Licensed Professional Counselor/ Art Therapist

Working With Me

Clients who benefit from working with me tend to be those who are interested in going deep, getting to the root of the problem and gaining insight which helps them to shift their perspective. I enjoy supporting other highly sensitive people (HSP) to strengthen boundaries so they can safely navigate the world and offer their gifts without depleting their own resources.

Working with creative people (painters, dancers, musicians, etc) is also something I like to do, whether you are a working artist, or someone who has never had the opportunity to express yourself creatively but feel drawn to it and are seeking support. Helping people overcome creative blocks is also an area of focus. My approach to therapy is anti-oppression, trauma informed, and holistic.

My approach to art therapy is an eclectic mix of “art as therapy” which helps with relaxation and attaining flow states, psychodynamic (using art imagery for self discovery) and somatic (moving trauma through the body by through art making).

No art experience is necessary for art therapy! I accept insurance for most services, including art therapy. My rate for individual therapy is $175/55 min session.


After finishing my BA degree at Loyola New Orleans (2002), in 2007 I earned my Master’s (MA) Degree in Art Therapy Counseling from Marylhurst University near Portland, Oregon. 

I see clients in person and online at my private practice based out of The Haven arts community https://thehavenpdx.com. I’m also a painter and have exhibited artwork at galleries in several US cities and online. https://lesleyaburke.com

Working at events with The Zendo Project / MAPS and White Bird Rock Med, has taught me a great deal about holding space for people experiencing altered states of consciousness, and how to approach substance use from a harm reduction perspective. I have also taken part in the training program offered by MAPS for MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD , as part of the Expanded Access Program. (more info) and I am continuously integrating what I am learning into my practice as an art therapist and counselor.

Psychedelic Integration

I have been offering psychedelic integration counseling since 2016.  This is for clients who have had a psychedelic experience on their own or with a psychedelic therapist or traditional healer, who would like a safe space to work through the experience and integrate it as part of the healing process.  This can be through talk/ verbal processing, art therapy, or a combination of various approaches.  

I am unable to refer clients to psychedelic therapists.  Resources for legal access to psychedelic therapy (Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy) and Psychedelic Integration: Resources

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a form of legal psychedelic therapy offered in-office using sub-lingual ketamine prescribed by a physician. Please reach out to me if this is a service you may be interested in. I can meet with you for a free consultation, and if it seems appropriate to move forward we would schedule a mental health intake and I would refer you to a physician for a medical evaluation to determine if ketamine would be safe for you. My current rate for KAP is $375 for a 3-hour session.