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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can you do psychedelic therapy with me?

  • No, I don’t offer psychedelic therapy at this time. Why not? Because while I wish things were different, most psychedelics are still schedule 1 substances in the US and I am a licensed therapist who could lose their license for providing this type of therapy before it is legal.

Q. But your’e in Oregon! What about Psilocybin? Isn’t it legal there?

  • It’s complicated! Psilocybin is decriminalized in Oregon, and in 2020 a ballot measure was passed legalizing facilitated psilocybin sessions. That is great news but it will be 2022 before we will see that implemented at a community level. As of 2021 there is a process happening with Oregon Health Authority and a board of local doctors, therapists, and psychologists trying to create a training program for facilitators, as well as regulations for cultivators and facilities. Once there are program criteria established for training programs, and facilitators are trained and certified, we can start offering psilocybin sessions..

Q Can you refer me to someone who will do psychedelic therapy with me?

  • No, for the reasons listed in question 1.

Q How do I become part of an MDMA assisted psychotherapy clinical trial?

Q What about Expanded Access? Aren’t you doing that in Portland?

  • Yes, eventually. Somatic Center Portland https://www.somaticcenterportland.com was selected as one of the 10 expanded access sites for MDMA assisted psychotherapy. MAPS is still awaiting final FDA approval and the pandemic has slowed down this process significantly. I don’t personally know how long it will be until the program is operational but following MAPS on social media and signing up for their newsletter and bulletin will keep you more up to date.

Q What are your rates?

  • $ 160 per hour

Q Do you take insurance?

  • yes. I am currently in network with the following: Pacific Source, United Healthcare, Providence, Regence BCBS, Cigna. I am out of network with OHP/ Care Oregon but can usually get them to cover up to a year of therapy for clients who have been unable to find an in-network provider.

Q How many sessions will I need?

  • minimum of 3 sessions is recommended, after that it depends on what you need. On average, I see people for 6 months- 2 years.

Q What is your cancellation policy?

  • I request 24 hours notice to cancel. Less than that, with the exception of a real emergency, will result in a fee of around 50% of the full session price. (currently I charge $85 for late-cancel/ no show.)

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